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best replica handbags By now, we’re all used to seeing six-figure price tags for particularly rare versions of exotic Hermès Birkins at auction. Himalayan Crocodile Birkins are especially popular, as are particular shades of bright pink and red in glossy crocodile or alligator; of course, pavé diamond hardware always helps. At Christie’s most recent auction in Paris, though, a never-before-seen thing happened: a non-exotic Birkin broken the three-figure price ceiling.

replica bag According to the New York Times, the bag in question is the Hermès Birkin you see above, in metallic bronze chevré leather. The NYT didn’t give the bag’s size but based on the photo, it looks quite small—my guess is it’s 25cm, a somewhat harder-to-find size that’s quite trendy right now, which likely helped boost interest in the rare piece, which sold for $117,394, after being priced at less than a tenth of that when it was manufactured.

replica bags The NYT also reports that the bag was only made one year—2005—and that it was inspired by the work of legendary Hermès window designer Leïla Menchari. Hermès hasn’t produced many metallic Birkins over the years, and the photos of this particular bag are the only ones that come up when you do a Google search for the style, which certainly makes it rarer than some of the exotic Birkins that have become popular on the top-end auction circuit.

aaa replica designer handbags Christie’s Matthew Rubinger, senior director of luxury handbags and accessories, said he thinks the market’s thirst for novelty is what made this piece the auction’s most expensive bag, beating out Himalayan Birkins and those with diamond hardware. “It proves that the market is driven by collectors who come for something unique and different.”
Imagine what I would get for my original small Alexander’s plastic shopping bag. As that store has been closed for years, it is definitely collector’s worthy.

Birkins are made of the finest quality in materials

Bella Hadid was just photographed with a silver metallic Birkin as well.

You can purchase a condo for that price! Outrageous

chiediteatro.it purse replica handbags This part of the handbag market is using the same methods that the art market has been using for decades to inflate certain prices to the benefit of the manufacturers, agents, and investors. They’re inflating the value of this to justify their already outrageous retail prices. Great for Christie’s I guess.

Dumb..tax cuts have zero do with it…rich have always spent like this. Check out some of Michelle Obama or Clintons expensive clothing price tags. Dare I mention Hilary’s $600 haircuts!

cheap replica designer handbags online WTF!? Obviously, the obscene tax cut has gone to the US super-riches’ heads!?

six digits for a leather bag, just because of the color. Oh, poverty has limited my imagination. φ(* ̄0 ̄)

cheap replica handbags When Christie’s has one of its handbags and accessories auctions, I tend to visit their site multiple times a day and watch the bids on each unique piece rise. One of the problems I face is there are so many extraordinary pieces I can never pick just one – so I visit and revisit the site.

I always used to consider myself an Hermès Birkin girl, but over the past few years, the Kelly has become just as coveted by myself and many, if not even more coveted than its iconic sister. The debate of Birkin versus Kelly is one that continues for handbag lovers, with each offering a different look and purpose.

cheap wholesale designer handbags from china And when it comes to colors, Hermès does it best. Though Hermès pinks and blues tend to receive highest values at Auction, I am most strongly drawn to their reds. In my opinion, two of the best red colors Hermès makes are Bougainvillier and Braise, shown below in Porosus and Niloticus Crocodile skins on a Birkin and Kelly.

An exotic red Hermès bag immediately commands attention and will forever be a staple in your wardrobe, so you can’t go wrong either way. Which do you prefer, the Birkin or Kelly, and which would you bid on?

Although I could never afford either in my wildest dreams, I’d go for the Kelly-it looks more elegant and ladylike, whereas the Birkin is too over the top in that size. If it were a smaller Birkin (25cm) I may have a harder time picking which one.

If someone is begging to gift me one? Birkin, but in Togo leather. I hate exotic skins

fake designer handbags for sale For some reason, I find that the Kelly has a more elegant look than the Birkin. Maybe it has something to do with the structure or the way it stands; it just looks like something a lady with class would wear.

high quality designer replica handbags Hehe. Glad my suggested usage is somehow relatable to you. And a bit history about the Fleche d’Or… I’m watching this vlogger’s “What’s In My Clutch?” video on YouTube and she has the Fleche d’Or and I was like, “Is that really Hermes? Why didn’t I know that? It must be fake.” But I do some massive background search and guess what, that’s Hermes. It turns out that it’s one of the brand’s old styles.

I mean, I like where your head’s at! I do think both works in different scenarios and with my next lottery win, I’ll get both and use them similarly to what you suggested :).

Plus I’ll throw in the clutch too, why not! My answer is both and I have an explanation why…

high quality replica handbags 1. Birkin – As a stylist, I tend to bring a lot of things: Personal stuff, magazines for inspiration, emergency sewing kit, utilities such as umbrella, water jug, and extra clothes for myself. Judging all the basic things I carry for a day-to-day life, Birkin is an ideal bag that I can use to stash all things. And I have a feeling it would carry a lot more than I already have.

2. Kelly – The other side of my job is the easy job. It’s the part of my job where I can literally carry my phone and just go on. That’s when I’m canvassing clothes, meeting new and existing clients, processing my paychecks, and cleaning and returning heaps of borrowed clothes. Of course, I still need to bring a few personal things so a medium Kelly will do to hold a wallet, a phone, and (MY MUST-HAVE) sunglasses.

3. If it’s really a very, very, very casual stroll like when it’s my day off and I’ll have brunch with friends or co-workers, I turn to Fleche d’Or clutch (Yep, that’s Hermes). It does have the shoulder strap, which is part of the reason why I love the Kelly so much! I feel like the Birkin used to be the more casual option and Kelly more refined, but I think the Kelly is more wearable in many ways

replica handbags china Definitely a Kelly. I have always felt a Birkin would look too matronly on me, plus I like that the Kelly has a cross body option.

Chavie Lieber of Racked interviewed me for an in-depth look at the cult of Goyard. It’s a brand unlike any other we cover; even Hermès, in all of its tradition and conservatism, still debuts seasonal collections at Paris Fashion Week, sells a portion of its product line on its website and has boutiques in all the world’s major luxury markets. Goyard, on the other hand, does none of that, but it retains an ardent following and seems to attract new, younger customers, despite no advertising, an extremely limited retail presence and as little interaction with the media as you could imagine. What gives?

replica handbags china free shipping worldwide When Lieber asked me why I thought Goyard continued to attract customers despite its general rejection of all commonly used methods of doing exactly that, I balked. Having never found any of Goyard’s bags particularly compelling, it’s not a question I could answer from personal experience with my own shopping urges, and it’s not one I’ve ever seen Goyard’s loyal horde of customers discuss in any detail. If you’re a loyal Goyard fan, we want to hear from you.

replica handbags louis vuitton What first attracted you to Goyard’s products, and how did you learn about the brand? Goyard’s website proudly proclaims that it doesn’t make seasonal products, so how does the brand hold your interest? Does celebrity affection for the brand, particularly the lightweight St. Louis totes, help or hinder your love for Goyard? Do you wish that the brand provided more variety, or is the brand’s ultra-traditional approach and distaste for the spotlight part of the magic? I find these bags so ugly. The pattern is tacky. They look cheap like a tote you would pick up at Target. Why? I don’t get it.

replica handbags online Soooo boring…wouldn’t invest a dime in this boring brand…absolutely uncharming. LV has much more life to their bags…esp the new ones thanks to NG.

Good quality, Highly personalizable. it’s the luxury bag that you are not afraid to put it on the ground. Plus the colors are so true and pure. If it is blue, it’s blue, not turquoise, not electric, it’s blue.

wholesale replica designer handbags My first Goyard was a hand me down from my Mom. She bought it when visiting my Dad on one of his business trips in Europe. Not sure when that was, or where she got it, but it’s a black St Louis. I’ve since started my own collection of Goyard’s totes and wallets. My latest obsession is their clutches. What I love about Goyard is the color selections, and how we can personalize the items to suit our unique style.

I remember being excited to visit Harrods for the first time years ago before online shopping existed. I felt the same way having the opportunity to visit Goyard in Paris this Spring. I knew that I could possibly get one from San Francisco or Barney’s LA since I live on the west coast but there was something special about visiting the original store and knowing that these bags are not available online. In fact, they have a version of the St. Louis tote that is sold only at that location.

wholesale replica designer handbags free shipping My initials are painted on the inside and I look forward to many years with this bag. My Goyard St. Louis was the first designer bag I ever purchased, and it was the one I had my heart set on even before I could afford it. I loved how it was subtle, and, then, at least, it wasn’t at all a recognizable brand. I loved the chevron pattern, and how it’s even more detailed up close. I had initial misgivings about how flimsy and light it seemed but was convinced by my research, where owners kept saying how long theirs have lasted and how well they’ve held up through the years. I also like how you can fold it up if needed. My love for the bag had nothing to do with the company’s traditional approach to retail and all that, I didn’t even know that that’s how they did things when I decided to on the St. Louis. But it must be said, there are a certain charm and old-world grandeur to their Paris shop, stepping inside feels like you’ve gone back in time. Yes, it’s filled with luxe items and trunks I couldn’t afford even if I sold my kidneys. But somehow, there was still a homey, cozy atmosphere to the store that you could never ever get in an LV, Gucci, or Prada store.

wholesale replica handbags china free shipping goyard may have better service but you can’t possibly compare Goyard with Hermes…

I love the Goyard Saigon bag. The style of this bag is very unique and they offer it in different colors. I’m dying to have a Goyard Clutch! I think what makes Goyard attractive is its uniqueness!

I’m from the middle east and I can contact Goyard boutique for a special order and it’s easily done. I once ordered a blue one 7 months later I got an email saying its available! Love their service! Unlike Hermès, they let you beg for a bag and you end up not having the color that you want! They say it a special order, then you wait years, then you get a different color because the color you choose is a seasonal color! Hermès is not as straightforward as Goyard!
Goyard makes you wait but delivers exactly what you want and you can personalize it! I sooooo love Goyard because of its snob attitude…it has a certain class and as you have stated… I like its distaste for the spotlight. I have two Goyard bags and still want more…but I need to get it from its store in HK or Paris.

I love anything I feel is exclusive & rare. I’m the only African American I’ve seen with one besides Kerry Washington. None of my friends know what it is; one even commented on Facebook that mine was ugly fake designer handbags for sale,high quality designer replica handbags,high quality replica handbags,replica handbags china,best replica handbags,replica bag.

I think its extremely ugly and surprised to learn it was so expensive. I’ve seen a lot of people carrying it and prior to learning its name, though it was like a free giveaway bag that department stores were giving to customers with purchase.

I own one, and guess what? They actually aren’t that durable nor meant to be work bags. I thought they were until my tote started developing these little holes in the corners. When I went to Goyard to inquire about repair, they informed me that these bags aren’t meant to carry a heavy load, in fact, she said they should be used like beach bags – only for lightweight stuff. I like the bag, love the chevron design, but won’t be repurchasing.

I don’t own one but I’m guessing why someone would spend thousands on a canvas bag. Durability? I guess these bags are truly WORK bags. Meant to be carried and used. Maybe real luxury is investing in something to be a part of your lifestyle. The bag doesn’t define you. It is just something you keep your stuff in – which happens to cost $3000. Think about it: if you have a high lifestyle are you going to go to Target and buy a $20 tote? No. Doesn’t go with the rest of your clothing or lifestyle.

I wanted a tote but didn’t want something as gaudy and popular as a never full. I wanted something more under-the-radar. I found it in Goyard.

I have a Goyard story when I walked into their shops on St Honore Street, and why I love the brand cheap wholesale designer handbags from china,aaa replica designer handbags,chiediteatro.it purse replica handbags,cheap replica designer handbags online,cheap replica handbags.

I was backpacking through Europe when a mate twisted my arm into buying a Goyard handbag for her when I was in Paris. I hate shopping, especially for a woman’s bag, but I thought it would be an interesting experience to do on a breezy summer’s day.

All other boutiques looked intimidating – with security guards with dark tailored suits in front, not very welcoming.

Not Goyard. As exclusive as Goyard appeared to be, they welcomed me. I walked in, dressed like a third world hobo with a day backpack on my back. The ladies didn’t care, treated me like one of their oldest customers. I asked if they had the smaller bowling bag in grey; they smiled and said yes!

When the junior salesgirl returned with the bag, she was about to pack it in the bright yellow cinch bag and stuffing it into an even larger bag.

I told the lovely ladies, “no way… I’m not riding the train carrying a Goyard in my hand.”

Being the prick that I am, I even went on and said, “If I can’t stuff this bag into my backpack, I’m canceling the purchase.”

“No problem aaa replica designer handbags,chiediteatro.it purse replica handbags,cheap replica designer handbags online,cheap replica handbags,cheap wholesale designer handbags from china, Sir. Just hand over your backpack and WE WILL DO OUR BEST.”

I was gobsmacked. I was just looking at them as they went through my backpack, taking things out one by one and organizing them neatly to economize room for a handbag. We talked about D’orsay vs Lourve. I flirted a bit, but they weren’t buying any of it lol. Anyway, when it’s all said and done, the backpack almost burst at the zipper seams. But they managed to fit the handbag inside (they stuffed my light jacket into the Goyard).

“Have a nice day, Sir!”

Such class. They gave up their Parisienne ego to give me the royal treatment, all with a smile. This is the single most amazing retail experience I’ve ever had. Totally unexpected, and such a pleasant surprise. Totally made my day.

I eventually left St Honore Street with a bifold cardholder and a passport holder for myself. It was a safe train ride back to my accommodation ;-)I love “under the radar” luxury brands like Bottega Veneta and some Hermes (not Birkin or Kelly obviously) but honestly, I just don’t “get” Goyard. I found a St. Louis “find of the century” at a local thrift store and had it professionally authenticated. I carried it a little. I liked that it was very lightweight and flexible. the straps were definitely more comfortable than a Neverfull in my opinion and no one in our area had a Goyard (I’ve seen 1 in 5 years). I could see it being great for travel but it was still at the end of the day just a plain tote bag. I ended up selling it because I just didn’t feel it was worth keeping in my collection and I preferred the cash to put toward something else.

I agree that the Goyard st Louis totally looks cheap and plastic. Also, why make it so difficult for consumers to get information and prices on their products? Totally ridiculous. You have to call a store if you aren’t in a city that has a store and totally kiss their ass to get any details. LV rocks. I’m sorry. The neverfull has the inner pockets, more structure, hold up to anything and has the cut pull ties on the side. Best investment I’ve made in a bag.
I know it’s way overplayed fake designer handbags for sale,high quality designer replica handbags,high quality replica handbags,replica handbags china,replica handbags china free shipping worldwide. Not LV’s fault they’ve been so coveted and replicated. If they sucked, this wouldn’t have happened. GOYARD, you can suck it. At this point, refusing to sell online seems gimmicky. It’s like authors who will only publish in print.

I love Goyard so much!! Lightest weight, most unique, most stylish, prettiest, and most classic bag you can buy. Exclusive and elite, and yet not too loud or pretentious. The pattern is amazing.

Goyard: for me, it was love at first sight. The first time I saw one I knew I needed to have it. From all my designer’s bags, I own Goyard is my favorite by far, not only because of the bag, the colors but also the brand!
I love they don’t sell it everywhere, and every time I see one in the city or as a beach bag the person is carrying has style and is chic.
And as silly it may sound it makes me feel really cool and chic everytime I wear it! never get bored of using it and still planning to buy another one! I bought a navy large travel kit for my toiletries which was way more than the tote but I have never looked back – it stands up well and I love it. I lost my luggage on my way back to the East Coast and it was missing for 3 days – the only thing in it I even cared about getting back was my Goyard!

because they are light, classic, unchanging, and smart. because they use color perfectly and are not trendy. because they make me happy!

I like that they don’t advertise very much. Makes me feel like I am making a choice on my own and not being pressured into it by media or other outside sources. I stumbled upon it myself and loved it.

First time I saw a Goyard tote I was not impressed! I thought it looked cheap and plasticky. However, after educating myself a bit more on the brand and how each of these bags is hand painted vs LV generic screen prints, I was sold on this technique and decided to purchased a small St Louis tote. I absolutely love my Goyard tote best replica handbags,replica bag,replica handbags louis vuitton,replica handbags online,wholesale replica designer handbags,wholesale replica designer handbags free shipping, it is the lightest bag I own and the most comfortable!

I don’t really understand it myself. I would like the appeal of their devotion to craftsmanship if that were actually the case. One peek into the forums and you’d find there are quality issues, similar to numerous other brands. As I don’t live close to where I could purchase one, but travel to the Bay area frequently, I’m loathed to pack an extra bag solely to get defects reviewed at the boutique. I never say never as I may come across an item in which I fall in love; however, their lack of online presence drastically reduces this possibility.

it’s not the kind of brand I want to keep buying. but I do have one st. louis tote and it’s very special to me because I purchased it at their original tiny store in Paris and it reminds me so much of Paris. I do think it’s timeless classic and chic but other than that, to me, it’s more sentimental.

Goyard is one of my favorite handbag brands, easily in my top 5. I think some of my reasons are as follows:
1. I actually love the fact that there aren’t 50 billion different colors that change every season, but the colors they do have are lovely.
2. Hand-painted customization! The Goyardine background is like a beautiful canvas for your monogramming, stripes(which I love the sporty look of), and/or pretty much any symbol your heart desires. It makes it truly unique.
3. I know others may disagree, but I’ve only ever received top-notch quality from Goyard, both in terms of product and customer service.
4. Like someone else said, it’s like being in a secret club.
5. I see it as sort of a greatly hidden unifier in fashion, and a great number of impressive people were/are Goyard customers. Examples include Karl Lagerfeld, Coco knockoff handbags(always had hers painted with pink and orange), and Tiffany had a custom jewelry box made by Goyard. Goyard has some outstanding history(including beating Louis Vuitton in shows way back in the day)
That’s all I can think of for now, but yeah, I LOVE GOYARD! 🙂

I’ve recently shifted to Goyard–and I mean shifted to the point of selling ALL my other bags so that I can afford to buy JUST Goyard. Now I am a Goyard collector and have seen so far. My reasons for shifting to Goyard:

1. The attraction for me first and foremost is the craftsmanship. I have come to a point in my life when I want organic, natural, and old-world craftsmanship in all aspects of my life (beauty, fitness, health, etc)–and Goyard fulfills the fashion aspect of wholesale replica handbags china free shipping,replica handbags china free shipping worldwide,replica handbags louis vuitton,replica handbags online,wholesale replica designer handbags.

2. I like the exclusivity, and I like that it’s not mainstream. I’ve always been a rebellious, non-conformist girl my whole life anyway.

3. Comes with age I guess. I’ve known Goyard since I was young but it didn’t attract me at that time because of the price and the style. But now, I’m totally into it. For me, Goyard is fuss-free. It actually helps me curb the appetite to keep buying bags. It’s a classic, and I can use it forever. I look at it more as an investment.

4. I’ve been a bag lover all my life, at 33 years old I’m tired of fads and changes. Goyard never changes–just the colors and bag styles.

5. Some feel that Goyard is snooty, but I actually appreciate how personal they communicate with their patrons. I have kept emails of my correspondence with Goyard–they are delightful to read–so old world.

I first saw the bags carried by women in Palm Beach and had no idea what they were. Then I happened to see them in Bergdorf during a trip to NYC and fell in love. I have two, a hobo style bag in blue and white small St. Louis in white. They are so easy to fold and pack in a suitcase, super lightweight, and so unassuming. I am pretty hard on my bags and have never had a quality issue. I absolutely love the monogramming too, they did it long before LV or other brands started offering it.

It doesn’t scream luxury, tbh. It looks like one of those free totes you get with a fragrance purchase. St Louis looks thin and plastic. sorry.

I yearn for the St Louis tote because it is the cheaper, but a less whorish cousin of LV never full. Also, Goyard travel equals amazing. All in all, I think Goyard’s allure is it screams luxury (it is monogram after all) without actually making any noise. To the average person, it is one of those brands that you can tell just tell is luxurious but have no clue about and I think that is what continues to draw in clientele. I’m with you on their handbags though, very meh!

Believe it or not, I first saw/got to know the brand Goyard in a Kpop MV. They had a stack of trucks and I was curious at this new pattern I’d never seen before.

I then started noticing a lot of the wealthy Korean girls at school carrying the St. Louis tote as school bags wholesale replica designer handbags free shipping,wholesale replica handbags china free shipping.

I personally like Goyard because I think the pattern is intriguing. It is also amazing to know that everything was painted by hand!! This type of craftsmanship is something we don’t see much nowadays.

I agree with the commenters below. The reason its kept its customer interest is that the owner feels like they belong to a secret/though not so secret club. The products are also so hard to acquire that it makes the “chase” more fun. They look cheap and are. I’ve had a few and they are horribly worn. Then again lv handles wear horribly as well. Goyard bags are just ugly. The design is old and unappealing.

The dots are NOT, repeat NOT hand painted!!!! The monograms are. It is CLEARLY stated on the Goyard Website. Before WWII they were hand painted. But since the 1990’s they are PRINTED via engraving. Geared lays a base color then they lay 3 engravings of color dots. Engraving gives the surface texture which mimics hand painting – RIGHT THERE ON THEIR WEBSITE (duh). Goyard.com

It’s Saint Louis, not St. Louise. Also, it’s not ‘hand-painted, dot by dot’ – while they used to hand paint every single dot on the chevron stripes, they haven’t been doing this anymore due to the recent demand in the market. I personally asked an SA in Paris a week ago about this — a stencil is used to paint it on by hand.

It’s crazy how ignorant some of the comments here are.

1. First of all, St. Louise (the cheap shopping tote that you keep referring to) is NOT the only Goyard bag there is. It’s entry-level DUH. And when you say “plastic looking” you’re probably looking at a FAKE. It’s hand-painted, dot by dot. Double DUH.

2. It was the FIRST innovative trunk/bag maker in Paris–it was WAAAY ahead of LV, knockoff handbags, and Hermes back in the day. In fact, LV’s first store WAS in Goyard’s old workshop.

3. While Goyard is known for its canvas, it has leather and other premium wares.

And finally, ALL bags even Hermes has quality problems because that’s just part of life. Things get worn out. And it’s not like this only refers to bags–it refers to anything from your furniture, to your freakin’ iPhone.I just cannot believe that it is upwards of $1,300.00 for coated canvas and essentially no structure. BUT that being said I do get bag envy in NYC when I see it…

I think there is something to creating a concept and sticking to it. Their print whether you like or find it boring always unifies their collection and there is something genuine about that. They stick to their designs whether it attracts a crowd or it doesn’t and that’s…well… attractive!

Many luxury brands are secretive when it comes to pricing, availability, and selection, but even among the cagey elite of high-end handbags, Goyard is the quietest. The brand, which dates back to mid-19th century France, provides no product listings of any kind on its websites and sells its wares in only a handful of locations worldwide. In spite of that, the Goyard St. Louis Tote is one of the most recognizable bags in the world, beloved by busy moms, frequent travelers and anyone who needs a lightweight, functional tote that can hold a ton.

Because helping you research the things on your shopping lists and make the best, most informed purchases possible is our whole reason for being here, we did a deep dive into the Goyard St. Louis Tote (and it’s newer, more expensive sister, the Anjou) and its sizes, prices, colors and availability. Check out all of our results below and let us know in the comments if you have some information that would be useful to add!

I owned the first generation Neverfull that I recently sold on eBay. IMO I would guess the Neverfull to be more durable, given the canvas is thicker. However, I much prefer carrying a bag that is much more exclusive. Goyards are not nearly as commonly seen. If you can wrap your mind around the fact that both of these bags are canvas/leather and by no means meant to stand the test of time, you will enjoy either regardless of which one you choose. Good luck.

I have the PM. About a year or so after using it the painted chevron pattern started to come off in places. Also, the corner got very worn and developed holes. I called Godard about refurbishing the bag. They asked for some pictures and then asked me to send to them so the quality department could look at it. They determined the material was defective and sent me a brand new one. Great customer service. I am just hesitant to purchase another one because afraid same will happen

My experience is the opposite. I own both St. Louis and the Neverfull (but exchanged shortly after). I’ve used the St. Louis for travels and have thrown everything in there from heavy makeup bags, water bottles to medicine bags, aside from all the wallets, coin purses, card cases, etc. I keep in my bag. I even put a heavy SLR camera and it hasn’t cracked or anything. It’s so durable yet so light. I’ve had it since 2009/2010 and it still looks great. The neverfull, specifically the Damier Ebene, on the other hand, I used one time – not even filled it. I just put my wallet, phone, keys, and a pouch. An hour or so of using, I saw the handles crack. I went back to the store the next day and complained. Thank goodness they accepted an exchange and I got something else.

Take a look at replica handbags. There’s a thread where people talk about the quality. From what I gathered from the thread, the base of the handle cracks and the corners wear out fairly quickly. I decided not to get the Goyard based on that.

I have owned my St. Louis GM in black/black for about 4 months. While I cannot yet boast durability and longevity, I can say that for my needs the bag is perfect. I also have received many compliments. Do not regret one bit this purchase and am planning to add another Goyard to my collection in the future.

I prefer the design of the St. Louis over the Neverfull. But I heard the quality isn’t as good. Does someone have experiences (good or bad) with this bag?

I purchased my Anjou GM in Chicago. The SA told me that they send their bags to either San Francisco or New York for monogramming. It took 6 weeks to get the bag back from San Francisco. I was told that if the bag was sent to New York, it would be 8 weeks. This is just an FYI for those in the market as foolishly I thought it would be done instore and quickly. I really like the bag. The handles are very sturdy, and the detachable pochette comes in handy.

The material used on the Sac Hardy pet carrier is more supple than the stiff leather used on other styles like the St. Louis. You should be free from cracks for sure! 🙂

My favorites – Goyard Sac Hardy and Sac Hulot. My husband travels extensively for work and we always bring our four-pound dog. The material that Goyard uses is perfect for luxury pet carriers. I use the Sac Hulot for her on the plane and the Sac Hardy cat bag for around town. It folds nicely and fits into my carry on.

Fingers crossed that I do not see cracking over time. If the bag came from the SF store, then I suppose whatever it says on it is what it’s supposed to say. Mine says the same.

Quick question I just purchased my first Goyard tote from the San Francisco Boutique vía mail. Should the tote have a stamp on the front bag which indicates Made in France?

For those looking to get these from France, the St. Louis PM in special colors is 1,055 EUR. The Anjou PM is 1,990 EUR if I remember correctly.

My St. Louis PM from 8 years ago is still going strong. It’s such a great bag for work since it’s so light and fits so much. However, I probably would not buy the bag at today’s prices. I think it was a good buy eight years ago, but the price has almost doubled since then and I don’t think it’s worth the price they are charging now. I think its probably because more effort goes into dyeing the material/creating the special colors

Why are the special colors more expensive than the classic colors?

So there are affordable handbags available? if available how to collect in my area Denver

I have the St. Louis in the dark blue and Anjou in black, both PM and love them both equally! They are great to travel with and I can put my purse contents, an I pad and a sweater inside with no problems. I’ve had LV in the past but really like that Goyard hasn’t saturated the purse market like LV.